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Sheets is the result of a business pivot, where we decided to shift our focus to spreadsheet-based dev tools.




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Product Design



About EqualTo Sheets

EqualTo Sheets is a 'Spreadsheets as a Service' for developers. Think Google Sheets, but seamlessly embedded in your SaaS app or website.

My role

My responsibilities underwent a significant shift during a strategic pivot. We concentrated on creating a range of mini products to showcase our tech, which translated to more technical interfaces and faster-paced work from a design standpoint. Moreover, our marketing strategy primarily revolved around producing videos that highlighted the latest mini product innovations.


Our focus was to showcase the capabilities of EqualTo's spreadsheet tech. We created four demos/mini products: Chat, Markdown, Suresheet, and Collap API. Each demo highlighted unique functionalities, offering a comprehensive view of EqualTo's potential.

Raw view of the spreadsheet UI, intentionally designed to prioritize simplicity and seamless integration across various products.

Mini-product: EqualTo Chat

EqualTo Chat is a text-to-spreadsheet service that swiftly generates spreadsheets based on user descriptions within a ChatGPT-like interface.

Mini-product: EqualTo Suresheet

EqualTo SureSheet simplifies spreadsheet creation and sharing using cool URIs. Unlike other solutions like GSheets, shared SureSheets always open the same spreadsheet, without persisting any modifications upon reloading. Ideal for embedding in platforms like Notion. (See the GitHub Repo)

Mini-product: Suresheet Collab API

SureSheet Collab API enables the creation of spreadsheet-backed calculators and dashboards. By utilizing the consistent loading of data and formulas through the obtained URL, developers can explore "what-if" scenarios with ease, providing a reliable alternative to platforms like Google Sheets or O365.


Our website underwent a transformation to cater to our new target audience. Not only did we update the content, but we also made strategic design adjustments. Darker tones took precedence, while elements such as spreadsheet-like grids and code blocks were widely utilized. Despite the challenges of a tight timeline, we successfully retained essential elements of our previous branding while adapting to the evolving needs.

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