For 3+ years I've worked at EqualTo, where I've led the Design team and helped develop the core product.



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Product Design


2020 – 2023

About EqualTo

EqualTo allows sales teams to automate, review and track commissions - all from a single no-code platform.

My role

As the Head of Design at EqualTo for the past 3 years, I have led a team of 3, overseeing the creation of numerous prototypes, a robust design system, and comprehensive technical documentation.

I have also played a crucial role in developing our branding, logo, and a variety of marketing materials, with a focus on delivering a seamless and visually appealing user experience throughout the company.


EqualTo was a user-friendly platform to manage commission calculations with transparency and accuracy. By integrating their preferred CRMs, sales data was effortlessly retrieved, and commission structures were calculated using efficient spreadsheet logic.

Design System

Through extensive collaboration with the software team, we meticulously developed a comprehensive design system in Figma. This empowered the design team with consistency and speed when implementing new prototypes.

Screenshot of some of the Figma pages

Detailed technical documentation, covering dimensions, usage, and interactions, played a vital role in this project.


Within the initial weeks, we successfully crafted a complete brand identity, establishing a strong foundation for EqualTo's visual representation.

Overview of the early EqualTo branding deck / May 2020


The website played a pivotal role in our overall strategy. Initially, we swiftly created a temporary website using Wix to establish an online presence. Eventually, we migrated the entire site to Webflow, investing time to rebuild from scratch for long-term benefits and enhanced functionality.

While this particular version of the website is no longer live, a portion of it can still be accessed through archive.org.


LinkedIn served as the primary platform for our marketing efforts, complemented by a presence on other social media channels like Twitter and YouTube, albeit with lower intensity.

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